Firm Understanding of Your Legal Hosting Needs

Running your legal practice requires the management of your partners and associates, plus terabytes of client and case data. To help in this process, chances are you are either running or conducting discovery on the systems and applications commonly used to add efficiency, portability and security to your legal efforts, while making your business more productive and profitable.

There are proven benefits to using e-discovery, client case, documentation, financial and billing software. However, knowing how to integrate these complex systems, and manage the hardware they run on, is not on most Managing Partners’ docket.

Purchasing and maintaining the infrastructure gear required to handle these systems and protect valuable client data is a challenge, especially when you want to control expenses.

Some firms choose to bring in an IT professional or managed services provider to configure and maintain it all, but that comes with a professional services expense. Many times the result is skyrocketing IT budgets, with meticulous analysis of the actual benefits of using these legal systems, vs their overall cost.

Mobility can be another key to success. Effective interconnection can allow you to link your mobile team of attorneys, each working from different, dynamic locations with your main backend systems. Efficiently connecting your team’s devices with their case records and legal systems while working remotely can reduce the time and cost associated with service, but requires more security and low latency in order to see positive results.

legal IT security


Have a compliance ready, disaster recovery solution for your critical legal systems? Consider our Hardware Leasing service in our Phoenix facility for the ultimate natural disaster free and secure solution.

affordable IT


OpEx payments vs CapEx investment? With phoenixNAP, you can dedicate your dollars to purchasing legal systems and applications. Our solutions enable you to pay over time, instead of bearing large upfront costs for infrastructure hardware.

scalable IT


Scalable, virtual storage can keep your growing database of legal records available, yet safe and secure. Consider our Virtual Private Data Center or Hybrid Cloud for large capacity storage at an aggressive price.

An Affidavit for Success

phoenixNAP offers a variety of specialized solutions to help increase your firm’s efficiencies, while maintaining your cost management initiatives. We offer OpEx friendly Hardware Leasing options for Colocation, Cloud, Hosting and Hybrid services to enable nearly every back-office function, security and compliance requirement, network need and budget goal.

A solid and reliable platform is crucial for the protection of your client legal, medical or payment card data. phoenixNAP is a PCI DSS v. 2.0 validated service provider and we maintain GLBA and HIPAA compliance for our Colocation, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Cloud Services and Hosting. Each of our US and EU facilities are SOC Type 2 audited data centers, and offer the highest level of physical protection to meet your professional and regulatory requirements.

To support the needs of your mobile team, give them secure access on a highly available network for the on-demand transfer and replication of your sensitive client data. By building your solution environment on our fully redundant, all 10 Gigabit Network, with enterprise-level security, a global footprint and 100% uptime guarantee, you can transmit and back up your client and case records across multiple regions, locations or systems, with security, flexibility and trust.

Is your practice growing too quickly? Do you need to scale up storage to meet expanding case loads, client bases and new satellite offices? You can quickly minimize your hardware and resources investments, while gaining more capacity and performance with our virtual private, private, public and hybrid Cloud Services, each built on industry leading VMware® technology.


  • Supports legal software and storage needs
  • Quickly scales or bursts on demand to address expanded usage allocation
  • Rapidly deploys new system apps in hours rather than days with quickly deployable servers and pre-built and configured VM templates

phoenixNAP can help you achieve more efficiency for your legal practice, while meeting your compliance, scalability, accessibility and budget goals. Take control of your firm’s growth, and let us support you with an optimum uptime solution for your legal data, systems and operations.